16 March 2007

When darkness falls....

Sometimes the writer in me gets lost in the story...far too well. This is the last act of book one, and my heart too long in darkness dwells.

Thus is my prayer:

I sit at the keyboard with the end in sight. So dark, so treacherous, so perfectly evil is the scheme. My hero quivers with wrath and fear; my favorite lies in the villain's grasp, down in the darkness where shadows dwell.

The enemy's strength swells beyond measure; our allies fall away. Treachery and knavery run amuck; who can stay evil's claw?

Her talons bright and sharp; her kisses smooth as honey and bitter as the root-- Ah, she is the vixen whose cunning wiles bring low most valiant of men.

And who may stay her hand?

Come now, winsome lies; come to me with pain; let me writhe in thy spined agony and wither on the vine. Come, come, thou most bitter of despair; be downcast and wriggle helplessly. Thy strength perish, thy beauty be stripped away, fallen down and trampled like crushed roses 'neath my foot.

Come down, little dove; make war with the serpent here; come, come, white-winged mourner of the dawn, come play with the scales that slither upon the ground, cursed forever to eat the dust...and dust become.

Oh, drown in sorrow, my loving one; come into eternal hate -- be consumed with violence; drink deep the cup of spite! Be consumed and drown, fall down, to the ground, and may your name be accursed, forever, til the lights go out.

And none can rescue thee.

Come, come down where Hades reigns; bow before Pluto's throne and make his cold thy home. Ride upon Charis' chariot and drink deep of the river Stix. Come, come down to eternal senselessness, and ne'er know pleasantry again.

Sell thy soul. Make thy bed. Claim the phoenix, and drown.

Masquerade is all anon; treasure deep died and gone; most vile one we spite, now your master be. For my vision tints red and my glory's in vain, so be counted in my lament.

Where is courage, where is strength; where is the Holy One? Where is the morning star and lightborn master of the sky? Where is the invisible who once was my delight? Has even he who is forever abandoned me to shades? Cruelest of cruel shall he be if to the shadows he dost leave, and thus consign me to nevernight, and Nomean's sport.

Telyon, O Elyon; where art thou, Kadosh? Lightmaster, King Most High, lion and lamb, boy and man -- have you let me be? Have at last my sins so great, too great for thee to purge?

Though thou slay me, master mine, yet I shall trust in thee.


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